Horseface plays rhythmic post punk, combining drum machines with acoustic drums and percussion. The band tries to apply the openness and experimentalism from  the DIY explosion of the early eighties with contemporary influences and perspectives. Melodic motifs slowly evolve over dubbed out beats, while the steady bass anchors the songs. The vocals are in Finnish, Sweden’s largest minority language. 

In 2022 the band released their second album, Sanakirjan takana. It was mixed and co-produced by Daniel Fagerström (Viagra Boys, Jenny Wilson etc.) and was released by labels Kopotikop, Joteskii groteskii and Sing a Song Fighter. 

The title of the record, Sanakirjan takana, means “behind the dictionary”. It alludes to a short story written by the vocalist’s late mother, that she found after her untimely passing. The short story served as an inspiration for the lyrical theme of the title track and the record overall (a cigarette pack was hidden behind the dictionary)